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Super Chicken Nugget Boy and the Furious Fry

Super Chicken Nugget Boy and the Furious Fry

by Josh Lewis Illustrated by Douglas Holgate

Hilarious Novel About a Deep-Fried Superhero!

Fern Goldberg used to be a normal kid...until he fell into some radioactive green goo behind Bogie's Burger Barn! Now he's the deep-fried superhero Super Chicken Nugget Boy, the most powerful crime fighter in Gordonville! Whenever Fern comes into contact with condiments, he transforms into Super Chicken Nugget Boy and takes on all kinds of villains, from the class bully to the giant mutant French fry that is threatening the entire school!

Packed with funny illustrations and comics, this laugh-out-loud adventure is perfect for fans of Captain Underpants!

8, 9, 10
Interest Level
Grades 3 - 5
Number of Pages
Adventure, Comic Books and Graphic Novels, Fantasy

About the Author and Illustrator

Josh Lewis Josh Lewis is an author of children's books.
Douglas Holgate

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