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The Shadow Children

The Shadow Children

by Steven Schnur Illustrated by Herbert Tauss

"Maybe for us it's over. But not for the children. For them it will never be over."

One summer after the Second World War, Etienne visits his beloved grand-father near the French town of Mont Brulant. A two-month vacation stretches before Etienne — with hay to be turned, pears to be harvested, and old books to help repair. Best of all are the fields and woods around Mont Brulant, waiting to be explored on the back of Grand-père's horse.

But this year Mont Brulant isn't the same as Etienne remembers it. Why don't any young people live in the town now? he wonders. And why doesn't anyone else notice the refugee children begging along the road? Then one day Etienne discovers children living in the woods — children named Isaac and Sarah, and many others.

Grand-père says he's imagining things. But why is Grand-père so worried about the markings that suddenly appear on Etienne's forearm? As Etienne unravels the truth of what happened to the children of Mont Brulant, he and Grand-père must together confront an unspeakable tragedy.

Steven Schnur's remarable tale of guilt and rememberance will stay with readers long after the last page is turned.

11, 12, 13
Interest Level
Grades 6 - 8
Lexile Measure
HarperCollins Publishers
Book Type
Chapter Book
Number of Pages
Historical Fiction

About the Author and Illustrator

Steven Schnur When I write for children I try to recapture the eight-year-old boy I once was, a boy filled with a passionate interest in the unfolding world around him.
Herbert Tauss

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