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Pigman's Legacy

Pigman's Legacy

by Paul Zindel

While walking home from school one day, sixteen-year-old Staten Islanders John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen see a face in the window of a house that is supposed to be empty. Who could it be? The Pigman has been dead for four months when John and Lorraine visit his empty house — and discover a down-and-out old man on the run from the tax collector.

Convinced he's a sign from beyond the grave, John and Lorraine decide they've been given a chance to make up for what happened to the Pigman. Suddenly they're deep in another zany adventure with a surprising old man. What the learn along the way is the Pigman's Legacy.

11, 12, 13
Interest Level
Grades 6 - 8
Book Type
Chapter Book
Realistic Fiction

About the Author

Contributor Image Alt Tag Paul Zindel Paul Zindel won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. To learn more about his life, check out The Pigman & Me, a memoir of his growing up. Mr. Zindel died on March 27, 2003.

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