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Pig of Happiness, The

Pig of Happiness, The

by Giles Andreae

"I knew Edward Monkton was going to be a success when people started e-mailing me daily saying that it touched their hearts, it made them think, and most important, it made them laugh out loud-again and again." --Giles Andreae

In the tradition of Jonathan Livingston Seagull comes "The Pig of Happiness"-a philosophizing porcine fellow with a penchant for spreading good cheer.

Edward Monkton's philosophical piglet aspires to elevate the spirit and become the "Pig of Happiness." His happiness is so big it seeps from inside him to all the other pigs and then to all the other animals in the barnyard.

Monkton, perhaps better known as the U.K.'s top-selling living poet Giles Andreae, pairs a fresh illustrative style with simple yet profound prose to create this modern-day parable.

Interest Level
Grades PreK - 3
Number of Pages
Advice and Self-Help, Comedy and Humor

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