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Brotherband Chronicles #1: The Outcasts

Brotherband Chronicles #1: The Outcasts

by John Flanagan
Seafaring Excitement and Epic Battles!

Experience heart-pounding high-seas adventure with a group of misfits who must prove their worth or risk death!

In the world of Skandia, 16-year-old boys are grouped together in "brotherbands" to train in warcraft, seamanship, and tactics. As the names get called out, Hal finds himself in the group of rejects — thieves, thugs, and weaklings — who must make the most of their strange skills to compete in a race against the other bands on the open sea. If they win, they will be accepted into Skandian society, but the icy waters make for a treacherous playing field, especially when the stakes are survival itself. Luckily, Hal gives his team one huge advantage that just might overcome their weaknesses: He's a masterful inventor and boat builder.

Full of unique and endearing characters, seafaring excitement and epic battles, the Brotherband Chronicles will entice those familiar with Ranger's Apprentice and new readers alike. Extending the fantasy world he created for that phenomenally successful series, John Flanagan introduces a whole new cast of compelling characters.

11, 12, 13, 14
Interest Level
Grades 6 - 9
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading
Number of Pages
Adventure, Fantasy

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