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Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade

Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade

by Barthe DeClements
In this award-winning, national bestseller, Elsie Edwards is the new girl in the fifth grade. But she is overweight and miserable. Her new classmates dislike her because they find her disgusting. And Elsie even steals their lunch money. When Jenny, another fifth grader, befriends Elsie, she begins to feel more comfortable in school. And the other students begin appreciating Elsie's good qualities. And while nothing seems to be fair in fifth grade, "some things are not as bad as they seem."

Author Barthe DeClements creates real, complex characters that readers will be able to identify with and understand. While readers feel for Elsie, they also appreciate why other kids dislike her so much. Issues of friendship, identity and acceptance are all addressed in a warm, humorous manner. Anyone who has ever believed that nothing is fair will enjoy this novel. (Please note that attitudes regarding how to deal with overweight children have changed dramatically since this book was first published in 1981.)

"A humorous tale that rocks with fifth-grade truth." — Booklist

9, 10, 11
Interest Level
Grades 4 - 6
Realistic Fiction

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