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No T. Rex in the Library

No T. Rex in the Library

by Toni Buzzeo Illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa

It's a quiet Tuesday morning in the library until Tess arrives with her mother. While waiting in line to check out books, Tess decides to roar like a dinosaur and knock books off the tables. She clearly needs a time-out for her bad behavior. But when she leans against a library cart to take a ten-minute breather, it accidentally topples over. As soon as a book about dinosaurs hits the floor, a real T. rex pops out of the pages. Tess tries to stop him, but she's no match for the big dino. If she can't keep him in the book, she'll have to take control the only other way she can think of: by hopping on his back and riding him through the stacks. Library patrons scream, and soon armored knights join in the mayhem. Will Tess ever get the T. rex back into the book where he belongs?

This high-energy story with vibrant illustrations will have kids at the edge of their seats. It's read-aloud magic!

5, 6, 7, 8
Interest Level
Grades K - 3
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading
Number of Pages
Comedy and Humor, Fantasy

About the Author and Illustrator

Toni Buzzeo Biography of Toni Buzzeo.
Sachiko Yoshikawa

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