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Marvin Gets Mad!

Marvin Gets Mad!

by Joseph Theobald Illustrated by Joseph Theobald

Marvin is very unhappy and it's all Molly's fault. She had no right to eat his apple. He saw it first. He was the one who kept jumping in the air, trying to pick it from the tree. He was the one waiting for it to drop because it was out of reach.

The poor guy practically exhausted himself trying to get that apple. And when he woke up from his nap, there she was, chomping away!

Now he's mad. very mad! He's grown mad teeth and mad horns and a mad tail. He's stomping on flowers and knocking over the chicken shed and biting cows on the tail!

Molly apologizes. She tries to calm him down. She nudges him sweetly. But Marvin is out of control! Then he stamps the ground so hard, the earth cracks open and he drops down into a deep, dark hole. Good thing too; this sheep needs to cool down.

But will he? And will he find his way out of the hole he's made for himself? The answers are pages away in this wild and woolly drama.

3, 4, 5
Interest Level
Grades PreK - K
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Joseph Theobald
Joseph Theobald

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