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Maggie & Oliver or A Bone of One's Own

Maggie & Oliver or A Bone of One's Own

by Valerie Hobbs Illustrated by Jennifer Thermes

Maggie is always full of questions. But a young maid in a fine lady's house isn't supposed to wonder so much, so one day Maggie is thrown out into the street with only a tiny heart-shaped locket for a keepsake. Who is the lady in the locket?

A little dog named Oliver is pushing his nose along an icy sidewalk searching for his lost mistress, or at least something to eat. No matter how hard he looks he can't find either one, but he does see a girl with round blue eyes and a golden locket around her neck. The girl calls him "Lucky." And perhaps Lucky is the right name after all, for the little dog soon helps Maggie find a warm, wonderful home of her own, and one for him, too.

7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Interest Level
Grades 2 - 6
Guided Reading
Number of Pages
Adventure, Historical Fiction

About the Author and Illustrator

Valerie Hobbs
Jennifer Thermes

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