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It's All in the Name

It's All in the Name

Series: Hey L'il D! (Book #1)
by Bob Lanier, Heather Goodyear Illustrated by Desire Grover

Little Apple shoots and scores with these new early chapter books! Loosely based on NBA all-star Bob Lanier's childhood adventures, the series teaches valuable life lessons through amusing stories.

L'il Dobber has big feet. The other kids may laugh and call him nicknames, but L'il Dobber doesn't care. In fact, he's totally cool with his shoe size. He knows that one day he'll grow tall to match, and then his dreams of pro basketball will be solid.

In book #1, L'il Dobber and his friends all join together to help the new kid, Gan, find a cool nickname of his own. But when Gan gets stuck with a name he doesn't like, the gang's got trouble — until an unexpected twist turns everything around. Gan ends up a schoolyard hero, and he's found the best nickname of all.

7, 8, 9, 10
Interest Level
Grades 2 - 5
Book Type
Chapter Book
Realistic Fiction

About the Authors and Illustrator

Bob Lanier
Heather Goodyear
Desire Grover

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