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If Mom Had Three Arms

If Mom Had Three Arms

by Karen Kaufman Orloff Illustrated by Pete Whitehead

"I only have two arms!" Every mother has said it sometime, and every kid has heard it. But a young boy wonders: what would happen if Mom really had "more . . . many more?" Children looking at this inventive and amusingly illustrated picture book will happily join in the fantasy.

If Mommy had many arms, what could she do? Just imagine! She'd be Supermom, with three arms juggling, or four-armed Mom at a crosswalk, making cars stop and go. And why raise just one hand in class when you can raise . . . FIVE? As kids count along right up to 20 amazing presidential arms shaking hands, holding babies, signing bills, and saluting the flag, they'll come up with some great ideas of their own. But best of all, they will remember that Mom only needs her two real arms for hugging.

4, 5, 6, 7
Interest Level
Grades PreK - 2
Sterling Publishing
Book Type
Counting and Number Book
Number of Pages
Comedy and Humor

About the Author and Illustrator

Karen Kaufman Orloff
Pete Whitehead

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