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I Love My Mommy Because...

I Love My Mommy Because...

by Laurel Porter-Gaylord Illustrated by Ashley Wolff
"I love my mommy because she gives me great big hugs. "

This beloved, best-selling concept book, richly illustrated by Ashley Wolff, is now available as a board book for small hands. The youngest nursery tots will appreciate how phrases and actions from their own experiences also apply to animal babies. Each book begins with an affectionate scene between a human parent and child, but moves on to caregiving in animal families. "She listens when I talk" shows a mama cat and her mewing kitten. "She tucks me in" features a kangaroo with her joey peeking out of her pouch. "She sings me songs" shows a gray wolf and his cub. In concept, text, and art, these are among the most warm and reassuring lap books ever.

I Love My Mommy Because . . . will also be available in bilingual (English/Spanish) board-book editions.

5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Interest Level
Grades PreK - 3
Dutton Books

About the Author and Illustrator

Laurel Porter-Gaylord Laurel Porter-Gaylord is an artist as well as an author.
Ashley Wolff

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