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Foods with Moods

Foods with Moods

by Saxton Freymann Illustrated by Joost Elffers

Feeling happy? Hopeful? Overjoyed? Or maybe you're angry today? Or just a little anxious? Whatever your mood, you're bound to feel 48 times as good after looking at this astounding new picture book.

On each page, laid out in signature crisp style, are wild food sculptures that embody each emotion more fluidly and expressively than any human face could. The text is simple and funny, designed to start a conversation between adult and child about feelings. Call it eggplant empathy; call it laughing at limes.

Join the legion of families who've already learned the delights of this pantry gone mad, and hailed the creators as the Picasso of Pumpkins, the Rodin of Rutabagas, the Calder of Cabbages.

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About the Author and Illustrator

Saxton Freymann In 1997 painter Saxton Freymann discovered a new talent: transforming garden-variety produce into emotive faces and amusing animals. Adventurous vegetables and frolicsome fruits make wonderful children's book illustrations. Freymann's publications include How Are You Peeling? and Dr. Pompo's Nose.
Joost Elffers

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