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The Hope Chest

The Hope Chest

by Karen Schwabach

Violet's older sister Chloe didn't get married. She bought a car instead. And then she drove that car to New York City and never came home again.

Violet's parents said Chloe had turned into the Wrong Sort of Person, but Violet knew better. Now she's determined to find her sister, and she'll go all the way to New York City to do it. The only problem is that Chloe's not in New York anymore. So Violet must journey even further to Tennessee, where Chloe is fighting for the vote for women. Nashville is a hotbed of political intrigue. Suffs and Antis are doing anything and everything to sway legislators to their side: bribing them, pleading with them, and even kidnapping them. Violet is hanging out with suffragists, socialists, and colored people. But if she's becoming the Wrong Sort of Person, why does it feel just right?

9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Interest Level
Grades 4 - 8
Historical Fiction

About the Author

Karen Schwabach Karen Schwabach grew up in Gilbertsville, New York, and graduated from Antioch College and the University at Albany. She taught English as a second language in Alaska for many years in Alaska and was a lecturer at Salem College in North Carolina. She now writes full-time. The Storm Before Atlanta is her third novel.

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