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Hey, Daddy!: Animal Fathers And Their Babies

Hey, Daddy!: Animal Fathers And Their Babies

by Mary Batten Illustrated by Higgins Bond
In the vast animal kingdom, mommies are often solely responsible for the birth and upbringing of their young. But daddies can, and do, help in a variety of surprising ways. In this new natural science book for children, award-winning writer Mary Batten offers a fascinating and entertaining look at paternal behavior in the animal world.

From birds and amphibians to small mammals and primates, numerous examples of males caring for their young are presented in accurate and clear language. Among the featured fathers are the blue jay, the marmoset, and the beaver, who share parenting responsibilities with the mother, as well as several animal daddies (such as the seahorse, the penguin, and Darwin's frog) that perform more extraordinary roles. Finally, the human father is singled out for devoting the most time of all to raising his young until they can survive on their own. Factual information on animal development and behavior is provided throughout the text.

Higgins Bond's realistic and detailed illustrations accurately depict the animal families in their natural habitats and warmly bring to life the animal daddies interacting with their babies.

5, 6, 7
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Grades K - 2
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Peachtree Publishers
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