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Great Women in the Struggle

Great Women in the Struggle

by Valerie Wilson Wesley, Toyomi Igus, Veronica Freeman Ellis, Diane Patrick

The life stories of 80 noteworthy African-American women, ranging from Sojourner Truth to Oprah Winfrey, are told in this biographical collection complete with simple black-and-white photographs. Great Women in the Struggle chronicles the achievements of a wide variety of African-American women who have excelled in education, literature, art, athletics, law, business, science, politics, health, and civil rights.

The book also includes the contributions of women who are rarely discussed in the classroom, such as Edith Sampson, Jane C. Wright, and Alice Coachman. Tracing the years from slavery to the present day, this collection provides readers with myriad examples of amazing African-American women who have distinguished themselves in the face of profound adversity.

14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Interest Level
Grades 9 - 12
Biography and Autobiography, Informational Text

About the Authors

Valerie Wilson Wesley
Toyomi Igus
Veronica Freeman Ellis Veronica Freeman Ellis is an author.
Diane Patrick Diane Patrick is an author.

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