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Ferno the Fire Dragon

Ferno the Fire Dragon

Series: Beast Quest (Book #1)
by Adam Blade Illustrated by Ezra Tucker

Strange things are happening in Tom's village. First, the horses were attacked. Then, the river dried up. Now, the last of the crops has mysteriously burnt to the ground. Everyone is terrified. But Tom isn't afraid. He's always dreamed of a quest — a real quest! — and vows to go to the king and bring help for them all.

But Tom soon learns that his village is not the only one in trouble. People are in trouble all over the kingdom. Hope is nearly lost. That is, until Tom is sent on the greatest quest of all — the Beast Quest.

7, 8, 9, 10
Interest Level
Grades 2 - 5
Number of Pages

About the Author and Illustrator

Adam Blade Adam Blade was born in Hastings, England. Growing up near the site of the 1066 battle, he became interested in the history of knights. Combined with his hobby researching mythological beasts, he had plenty of inspiration for the adventure stories he started to write as a child.
Ezra Tucker

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