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Donavan's Word Jar

Donavan's Word Jar

by Monalisa DeGross Illustrated by Cheryl Hanna

Donavan is fascinated by words. They seem to leap out at him from books, signs, even the back of cereal boxes. He savors each word as he learns to say it and discovers its meaning. He keeps the words he collects on slips of paper in a big glass jar.

But one day the jar is almost full and Donavan has a dilemma. How can he make room for new words without giving up all the terrific words already in his jar? A visit to his grandmother provides the unexpected solution in this heartwarming story about how important words can be.

8, 10
Interest Level
Grades 3 - 5
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading
Tandem Library
Book Type
Chapter Book
Realistic Fiction

About the Author and Illustrator

Monalisa DeGross
Cheryl Hanna

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