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Of Colors and Things

Of Colors and Things

by Tana Hoban Illustrated by Tana Hoban

What is it? What color is it? Where else do you see that color? What other colors do you see? Without using a word of text, this bold picture book by renowned photographer Tana Hoban challenges youngsters to answer these and other tantalizing questions. Each page is divided into quarters by bold stripes of the featured color, either yellow, red, green, orange, blue, gray, brown, or black. Within three of the quarters are objects that resonate with monochromatic intensity (orange, for example, is demonstrated by a small pumpkin, a group of oranges, and a glass of orange juice), while the fourth places the chosen color within a multicolored setting (in this case, a blue and green bib tied with a small orange bow). The bold, brilliant photographs depict a range of subjects, including toys, fruits and vegetables, animals, and common household objects, and their positioning against stark white backgrounds makes each distinctive color stand out particularly well. Of Colors and Things is a clever concept book that invites interaction and deserves a place both at home and in preschool.

6, 5
Interest Level
Grade 1
Tandem Library
Book Type
Wordless Book
General Fiction, Reference

About the Author and Illustrator

Tana Hoban
Tana Hoban

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