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The Captain Underpants Super-Silly Sticker Studio

The Captain Underpants Super-Silly Sticker Studio

by Dav Pilkey, Editors of Klutz
We provide 6 markers and 12 sheets of stickers, allowing kids to design their own personal Waistband Warrior tributes. There are stickers built for trickery—transform groceries or place on unsuspecting friends for a few giggles. There’s Sticker Robot Building with Melvin Sneedly, Name Changing with Pippy Poopypants, and the brutal and cheesy graphic fun of Sticker-Flip-O-Rama! And we throw in a hearty handful of glow-in-the-dark special effects, at no extra charge.
6, 7, 8
Interest Level
Grades 1 - 3
Scholastic Inc.
Book Type
Activity Book
Number of Pages
Comedy and Humor, Functional and How-To

About the Authors

Dav Pilkey Children's author Dav Pilkey's work includes the Captain Underpants and Ricky Ricotta series.
Editors of Klutz The editors of Klutz have produced numerous children's books, including "Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars," "Chicken Socks Totally Tape," "How to Make Monstrous, Huge, Unbelievably Big Bubbles," "Paper Fashions Fantasy," and "Kids Cooking: A Very Slightly Messy Manual."

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