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Can You See What I See? Picture Puzzles to Search and Solve

Can You See What I See? Picture Puzzles to Search and Solve

by Walter Wick

With his signature style of photographic artwork, Walter Wick takes picture puzzles to a new level with Can You See What I See? Twelve tantalizing photographs are filled with fascinating objects, while rhyming text challenges readers with lists of items to seek and find. The text on each spread ends with a twist.

Readers must go back and solve brain-teasing puzzles: follow an alphabet maze, identify parts needed to build a robot, discover objects in a mirror image that doesn't quite reflect what's really there! This book will provide hours of fun to puzzle-lovers of all ages!

3, 6, 8, 4, 7
Interest Level
Grades PreK - 3
Scholastic Inc.
Book Type
Activity Book
Number of Pages

About the Author

Walter Wick Walter Wick's photographic tricks have captivated fans of his books, including the I Spy series.

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