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Batman's Dark Secret

Batman's Dark Secret

by Kelley Puckett Illustrated by Jon J Muth

One day, a lonely orphan named Bruce Wayne finds himself in a dangerous situation. He defends himself against a monster bat, and he wins. From that time on, he is determined to fight evil. He becomes...Batman!

Batman's Dark Secret is an inspiring story of how a young child overcame his fear of the dark and became a crime-fighting superhero.

5, 6, 7
Interest Level
Grades K - 2
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Guided Reading
Scholastic Inc.
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Comic Books and Graphic Novels, Media Tie-Ins

About the Author and Illustrator

Kelley Puckett
Jon J Muth Children's author and illustrator Jon J Muth studied painting, drawing, and printmaking and later visited Japan to learn about stone sculpture and sho (brush calligraphy). His "Zen Shorts" came from wondering, "What would it be like to live down the street from a Zen master... who happened to be a Giant Panda?"

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