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Animal Masterminds

Animal Masterminds

Series: True Tales
by Catherine Nichols
Did you ever hear of a horse that could solve math problems? Or a crow that could use tools to get what she wanted? Read these true tales and others about fascinating animals and their remarkable skills.

Series Information

Readers will discover their sense of adventure and explore intriguing mysteries with these True Tales. They'll discover mummies and explore the Titanic. They'll follow along as experts try to solve the mysteries of what happened to the crew of a ship found floating in the sea in 1872, and they'll learn why most of the birds on the island of Guam have mysteriously disappeared and whether or not a creature called Bigfoot really exists.

Series Features

• Curriculum-based titles
• 3-4 engaging real-life stories
• Chapters are short and relate to one theme
• High-interest topics encourage independent reading
• Straightforward design includes captions and dynamic photos
• Includes a timeline and map (where appropriate)
• Includes glossary and index
8, 9, 10
Interest Level
Grades 3 - 5
Guided Reading
Book Type
Chapter Book
Informational Text

About the Author

Catherine Nichols

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