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Storia: What Is It And Why You'll Love It

learn about this eReading app that will knock your socks off.
on December 05, 2013
Our family has recently fallen hard for a new app that the kids are clamoring for.  It's an app that makes this educator mama want to dance and her heart sing. 
It’s an app that brings a whole new meaning to screen time. 
It’s a free eReading app from Scholastic called Storia. 
A free eReading app?  Yes. And it’s totally awesome.

Storia on the Go

Storia is really like having your own personal bookshelves with you anywhere you go. 
It’s a free app available for most platforms, and when you download it, your books become available on any of your devices—your tablets, computer, you name it. You simply create a Storia account, and your books can go along with you anywhere. 

Books Are Always Organized

Each Storia account has the option of creating bookshelves to organize your books.  
You can create a shelf for each of your children, and the child can then personalize it with his or her favorite background and password.   There’s never a mess. No books on the floor, no lost books, nothing. 
It’s a bookshelf that’s always organized. 

Parents Are Reading Managers

What I love and appreciate is that each bookshelf allows parents to track reading progress and manage their children’s reading. Parents can see the time kids spent reading, the number of eBooks opened, pages viewed, words they looked up, and the activities they played. 
The Reading Manager also gives book recommendations for each child, based on the child’s reading level, interest, and progress.   Kids can create Wish Lists of the books that they want, which make it super easy for parents to add to their kids’ shelves.  What I do with Wish Lists, then, is zip over to the Storia site, log in, and buy a book or two for each child to celebrate their reading success.  

The Symbols We Love

A little "e" next to a book in the Scholastic store lets you know that a book is an eBook and is available on Storia. A little "e" with a lightening bolt means that the eBook is Storia Enriched.  
Storia Enriched is what my kids totally go for on Storia. 
Storia Enriched is like the icing on the eBook cake.  The "enriched" eBooks have activities connected with the books, like word searches, sequencing challenges, puzzles, and other games to enhance the reading experience.  These little "extras" make reading a little more fun and kids don't even realize that they help improve comprehension and learning. I love it.
Want to have your child listen to the book as it’s read? Look for the tiny sound cloud.  All of the books with this symbol are Read-to-Me books and have a read-along and listen option. 
Here are five quick reasons why my family totally digs Storia: 
Graphics, sounds, and books are beautiful.  The pages turn like real books. The graphics and images are vivid and familiar, which make it seem like you’re holding an actual book in your hands—even though it's on your device.
Tons of titles.   All the books I want—from preschool picture books to young adult current hits—are available on Storia. 
I can see everything I need to know about each book: Guided Reading Level, Lexile Scores, whether it’s an Accelerated Reader book or not, and grade range. 
I have purchasing power.  Kids can only create Wish Lists of books they want; they cannot make any purchases on the app. 
Everything syncs.  It doesn't matter where we are or which device we have with us—as soon as we open the app, the kids can pick up exactly where they left off. They don't miss a beat.
What do you think? 
Have you tried Storia yet?  I'd love to hear your thoughts—what you love and what you wish could change!
Share your thoughts on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on Twitter, @teachmama, and let's continue the conversation!
Disclosure : I have been compensated by Scholastic for reviewing their eBooks.

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