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New Year's Book Sweep

Dust off those bookshelves and find some hidden treasures!
on January 06, 2014

There's no better time than the New Year to do a household Book Sweep!


The holidays may have left your family in a haze of new toys, lots of clutter, and the need to start fresh.  Let's at least start 2016 with a home library that works for your kids, and let's pass along reading material that may work better for friends and neighbors. 


A Book Sweep is simple: It's essentially "sweeping" clean the books in your house to make sure that what's there will work.  We want the precious space on our bookshelves to be used wisely. We want the books to be what interests family members most. 


And what we're not using or think we will use, it's best to give to others who will use them!


Here are the very simple steps to a book sweep:


1. Gather the family together.


2. Work with one bookshelf at a time.  Assess the books on the shelf. Talk about them and put the books in piles to Keep, Give, and Move.   


The books that you choose to keep, you will obviously keep on that shelf. The books that you give, you will donate to friends, family, or neighbors.  The books that you think should move, you will move to another place in the house.


3.  Clean the shelf, properly dusting and disinfecting. 


4.  Deliver the books! Put the books back on the shelf that you designated to stay there, and deliver the books to a new shelf or place in the home where they will be a better fit.  The books that you decided to give to others can be shared or donated! 


5.  Do this for each spot in the home where you keep books.  


You will surely "unearth" some reading treasures along the way—books that have been sleeping on shelves for the past few months.  


Book Sweeps are a win-win! Let's get sweeping and start the year off on the right reading foot!



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