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Great Britain's Great Kids' Books

Celebrate summer reading with these beloved classics.
on May 28, 2013

Fact: Having reading role-model parents or a large book collection at home has a greater impact on kids' reading frequency than does household income. (The Kids and Family Reading Report™ 4th edition conducted by Harrison Group and Scholastic, 2012.)

It doesn't matter how much money your family has. The best way to help your child become a frequent reader is to have books in the house, and to read books yourself. Make regular visits to your local public library to keep your house continuously stocked with books. Let your child catch you reading and s/he will see that reading is a worthwhile activity.

Try these activities and books inspired by beloved classics:

  1. Harry Potter Readalikes. If your child loves Harry Potter, introduce him or her to Percy, Theodosia, Meggie, Charlie, and many other fictional wizards. Conjure up these magical books for ages 9-11.
  2. Harry Potter Games and Message Boards. Our safe, pre-moderated Message Boards allow kids to meet other Harry Potter fans and discuss the books. Kids will also enjoy exploring the Scholastic Harry Potter website for book information and games.
  3. The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. This is the book series that turned me into a reader when I was 8 years old. Read about my experience at the Narnia movie premiere, and share the books and movies with your child.

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