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Boo! Practice Punctuation With This Ghostly Printable

Use this free printable to help your kids learn what punctuation marks to use for these Halloween-inspired sentences.
on October 26, 2017

Put a festive touch on your child’s grammar practice with this ghostly punctuation printable. Just print the sheet, grab a pencil, and you're ready to work with your child. 

Let him know that he'll be reading some Halloween-themed sentences. He'll need to decide if a period, question mark, or exclamation point is needed at the end of each sentence, and have him write the correct punctuation mark on each ghost.

If completing all the sentences is too much for one work session, split the printable in half and have your child finish the worksheet over two periods.

Here are a few ways to extend your child’s learning:

  • Discuss how your voice changes when reading, depending on the punctuation used. Practice reading each sentence together.
  • Talk about other punctuation marks in the sentences. Your child may notice a comma, quotation marks, or an apostrophe.

Don’t forget a pumpkin treat for all that punctuation work! For more Halloween learning, check out the Halloween Crossword Puzzle printable.

Connect with Jodie Rodriguez at her site, Growing Book by Book.

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