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The ABCs to Reading for Pleasure

Here are some reminders of the importance of reading for pleasure.
on August 25, 2014

The back-to-school season is busy for everyone, but sometimes we need a little reminder of the importance of reading for pleasure.  

We're going back to the basics.  Here are my family's top ABC reasons for picking up a book, finding a cozy spot, and reading during this crazy time of the year:


A:  Audio books make long road trips more fun and exciting.

B:  Books at bedtime are a great way to wind down the day.

C:  Children's books on the shelves are always a familiar, comforting read.

D:  Reading allows us to discover new worlds, new people, and new events.

E:  eBooks allow us to take books anywhere and everywhere.

F:  Reading takes us to fun, faraway places. 

G:  Books are the best gift for new babies, birthdays, graduations, and weddings.

H:  The best kind of homework? Free reading! 

I:   Infinite possibilities exist with reading.

J:   Great joy exists upon finishing a whole series.  (And sometimes a little sadness, too!)

K:  When you know better, you do better. Reading helps us to know more so we can do better. 

L:   Learning to read is one of the coolest, most amazing and magical processes ever. 

M:  Reading motivates you to learn more, try new things, and reach for the stars.

N:  Every day you can meet new people, places, and ideas with books. 

O:  Reading allows you to learn about different options and opinions

P:  Anything is possible with reading. 

Q:  Questions are answered with reading. 

R:  Reading aloud to a loved one or friend is time well spent.

S:  Our favorite way to grab new books? Book Swaps with friends! 

T:  Reading transforms lives.

U:  Books take you to unusual and unique places. 

V:  Finding new authors and new series is one of our very favorite things. 

W:  You can read wherever you want—on the couch, at the beach, in a boat, or in a tree. 

X:  There's something for everyone with reading: eXactly what every person needs. 

Y:  You always have a pal when you pick up a book.

Z:  Reading before bed lets you catch your ZZZZZzzzzzzz's.  (C'mon, this one was tough. . . )



Why does your family love reading?  How do you manage to read for pleasure during the busy back-to-school season? Let us know!



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