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5 Non-Fiction Reads for Little Sports Fans

Get them what they want to read and watch them read more!
on September 25, 2014

My son goes in spurts where all he wants is one type of book to read, and I am forced to quickly grab a bunch from the library before that spark of interest is gone. I don't usually bend over backwards for my children's whims, but when it's reading, I admit to doing whatever it takes to keep them going. Lately that means books about facts. Sports facts. We have found a handful of wonderful options!

Sports Illustrated for Kids
My son gets this magazine in the mail every month, but between deliveries we check out back issues from the library. Most libraries will let you check out all but the current month's issue. If your child likes informational reading, magazines are a great option.

Sports Illustrated *with adult participation.
Reading the regular Sports Illustrated is a good way to expand vocabulary and challenge your sports fan, but some of the articles are not age-appropriate for pre-adolescent children. Give the issue a read through or read the articles with your child to make sure that if they have questions you can be prepared to answer them.

Big Book of Why Sports Edition
This book is a favorite in our house. My son reads and re-reads it and then asks us to quiz him on it. He loves knowing "insider" information about the sports he loves to watch, and I love how carefully he reads every detail. This book explains a lot of the little facts and quirks about sports we all wonder about.

Sports Illustrated Kids STATS
Do you have a sports fan who is all about the numbers? This book will satisfy his need to know the minute detail of everything, and he will be able to wow everyone at dinner parties (or playdates).

Scholastic Year in Sports 2014
This covers more than just 2014; it has records from years past as well. What my son loves about this book is that it covers most sports, so there is something for everyone in its sea of facts! Also this book is re-published every year, so kids like my son would adore collecting it year after year.

Do you have a super sports fan at your house? What does he or she love to read? Tell us on the Scholastic Parents Facebook Page.


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