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10 Great Reading Apps for Kids Going Into Kindergarten

Fun low-pressure ways to work on literacy skills before your child enters kindergarten.
on July 16, 2015

Technology is part of our world and it's part of our children's lives. As parents, it's up to us to decide how prevalent a part technology plays in our children's day-to-day life. Like many of you, I allow technology in my home, with limits. Summer is a time I allow more screen time but even though I loosen the reigns a little doesn't mean my children have a free run of whatever they want. I still want them to be using apps that work on skills like reading. Our children are getting screen time but it's also learning time. These great apps for reading skills are some of our favorites, and they are a fun way to get your kids doing some of the skills they will be working on in kindergarten.

Of course, nothing beats reading to your child as a tool for literacy learning, so don't forget to carve out a chunk of time every single day to read with your child. A great way to stay motivated is to join Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge!

  1. Learn With Homer
  2. Hooked On Phonics App
  3. Wallykazam! Letter and Word Magic
  4. Montessori Letter Sounds
  5. Bob Books Reading Magic #1
  6. Bob Books Reading Magic #2
  7. Dora ABCs Vol. 1 Letters and Letter Sounds (great for beginners)
  8. Big Bird's Words
  9. Reading Rainbow App
  10. Endless Reader

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