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Try It at Home: Glitter Face Painting

This fab pizzazz activity will squash ho-hum days.
on September 15, 2016

At our town's 4th of July celebration, my daughter and I stood in line for almost an hour to get her face painted. While I was trying to contain my impatience, she was trying to contain her excitement. Face painting for her is a huge treat, which is why I was excited to check out the new Glitter Face Painting Kit from Klutz.

It was the perfect way to make a rainy weekend super fun.

The kit comes with almost everything you need: paint colors, glitter, a brush, even gems. All you need to add is a jar of water and maybe a smock. We opted to have my daughter wear an old shirt. A handheld mirror is also a must.

The book has step-by-step guides for a bunch of cool designs, both intricate and simple, which makes it perfect for kids of all ages to use with or without a parent.

My daughter picked out her favorite design, and I followed the step-by-step guide.

She insisted on checking after every step. I was impressed with how easy it was to create a cool design. She was pretty impressed too. The glitter wasn’t hard to add at all.

The last thing to add was the heart gem.

This was the perfect way to turn a boring day into something really special!

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