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Super Activities for the Big Game

The Super Bowl is a perfect day for family fun. Here are some easy-to-do ideas for planning a Super Family-Super Bowl weekend.
on February 04, 2017

Editor's note: This post was originally published on January 30, 2015.

Super Bowl weekend is a great time for bonding as a family. It's also a great time to apply those "eat smart" and "stay active" habits on Game Day, for both kids and adults!

Here are some easy-to-do ideas for a Super Family-Super Bowl weekend:

●    Take your kids grocery shopping and have them help pick out healthy snacks for Game Day
      ○    Recipes to Try: "Ungrilled Cheese" and "Awesome Asparagus Fries"
      ○    Our team at Adventure to Fitness has also pinned some Game Day ideas on our Pinterest page.

●    Since Game Day is usually spent indoors and in front of the TV, try to get outdoors for a family activity the day before.
      ○    Sledding, snow angels, and snowmen are classic favorites if there's snow on the ground.
      ○    Playgrounds, backyard sports games, and a family bike ride are fun ways to burn up energy in warmer climates.

●    Get your kids involved in preparing their healthy snacks.

●    During the game, encourage your kids to get moving with their favorite team by:
      ○    Jogging in place when their team is on offense;
      ○    Doing jumping jacks for each point their team scores; and
      ○    Doing pushups for each point the opposing team scores.

With a little bit of planning (and not too much effort), you can turn Super Bowl weekend into a fun mix of learning, physical activity, and healthy snacking for your family!

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