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Summer of Numbers

Stop summer slide in math with a nightly math problem.
on June 19, 2013

Many parents are already familiar with the "summer slide" in reading that happens when school's out for summer. But did you know that the same losses in learning also happen in math? Kids can lose months' worth of math skills during summer break, when classroom time is replaced with other activities.

Bedtime Math's Laura Overdeck, who regularly contributes to this very blog, already helps make math an everyday part of family time with its daily Bedtime Math challenge for kids of all ages (think: Goodnight, Moon meets Goodnight, Math). Well, Bedtime Math has upped the ante on summer fun with its Summer of Numbers program. Parents can order an adorable – and free! – calendar with star stickers to use with their kids when tackling a nightly math challenge. And these math problems appeal to all kinds of interests, from seahorses and skyscrapers to geology and juggling. In addition to the visiting the website, parents can opt to receive the Bedtime Math questions and answers via email or app, so reading the challenge to kids is as easy as holding a smart phone or device.  And the greatest part of it all is the "prize" – furthering your children's skills, and nurturing a love for math.

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