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Make a Trash-to-Treasure Town

Help your child construct a one-of-a-kind town with recycled materials.
on August 19, 2015

The Studio experienced quite a construction boom over the weekend!

To make our trash-to-treasure town, Carleville, we gathered up egg cartons, colorful file folders, chipboard, paper towel tubes, paper cups, chopsticks, coffee stirrers, wine corks, paper bags, junk mail envelopes, packing peanuts and more, to work with for this project.

We have all the essentials a town needs: A train station and water towers,

A large clock tower near a beautiful river,

skyscrapers, restaurants and public art sculptures,

and even a baseball stadium!

I ordered our consumable supplies like cups, straws, and utensils through The Web Restaurant Store or they were donations from Museum friends and staff. Found paper and fabric materials provide a great variety of scale and favorable drawing surfaces, so details could be added to buildings and their surroundings easily with markers and crayons.

Read my post about helping children with found materials construction techniques, here.

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