Vote for Moms!
Congratulations to our winning mommy bloggers!
We know we said we would wait until April to announce the winners of the first Scholastic Parent & Child magazine Mommy Blogger Awards. But the excitement proved too much. More than 10,000 of you voted!

Here are the five blogs that received the most votes, and their winning percentages:

The Meanest Mom21.91% Visit this Blog
Do They Have Salsa In China?19.43% Visit this Blog
Momisodes19.23% Visit this Blog
My Litter16.31% Visit this Blog
Like Merchant Ships13.89% Visit this Blog

You can read more about the moms behind the winning blogs in the June/July issue of Parent & Child magazine and online at

We offer our thanks to everyone who participated in the awards for making it such a huge success. A big shout-out also goes to the five other mommy blogs who were part of our top ten finalists: Absolutely Bananas, Callapidder Days, Chasing a Child, Modern Mami, and The Pioneer Woman. You are terrific. Be sure to spend more time with them.

Your overwhelming response to our Mommy Blogger Awards inspired us to launch great new features in Scholastic Parents! Coming soon:
  • Guest Blogger Voice of the Day
  • Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge
  • P&C Parenting Expert of the Month
We're kicking off April with our first parenting expert, Nancy Wiseman, who will take your questions about autism. Our reading challenges starts April 30. So come on by to Scholastic Parents.