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It's time to start a critical conversation
about responsible medicine use.

Implementing the OTC Medicine
Safety Program in Your Community

These resources have been
specifically designed to appeal to
students at the 5th and 6th grade level and their families.

Community leaders and coalitions
are encouraged to tailor the information and resources to the needs of their audiences.



Test your audience on knowledge of OTC medicine safety.

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Share videos on medicine safety topics.

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Display data on OTC medicine safety.

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Help tweens navigate OTC medicine safety with an original story.

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By age 16, 90% of adolescents report self medication
A big part of the solution is education
unsupervised self administration can lead to incorrect use

What Coalitions Are Saying About the OTC Medicine Safety Program

"This is a wonderful tool for both parents and educators to begin the conversation about prevention in a non-threatening way; while giving current resources that enhance both home and school based prevention and education initiatives. The curriculum can be manipulated to fit the needs of not only school based education but also prevention educators and parents".
- Kristin Sweeter, Grant Manager Niskayuna Community Action Program

"The OTC Literacy curriculum is a great resource to engage elementary aged children and teach them the importance of using over-the-counter medicines safely and responsibly. This is a great introduction to the responsible use of OTC and prescription medications. It teaches children skills that they will use the rest of their life, like how to read a Drug Facts label and how to properly dose and store medicines. Prescription drug abuse continues to be a huge threat to the safety of children. The OTC Literacy curriculum is a facts based approach to give children the skills they need to make smart informed decisions about their health."
- Keri Marsh, MPH Community Organizer SUDDs Coalition

"This is an INCREDIBLE resource. The information for school nurses and parents is wonderful and comprehensive. The information in the lessons is comprehensive and easily understood - but still sophisticated."
- Susie Smith Moline Drug Abuse Prevention Coalition


Be Medwise Medicine Awareness Award

The Boy Scouts of America and NCPIE developed the SCOUTStrong Be MedWise Award to educate members of Boy Scouting, Venturing, and American youth in general about the importance of safely and responsibly using medicines.

Photo: Andy Deam Photography/Shutterstock.

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