Water Works: Hands-on STEM activities about water and water conservation

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Classroom Experiments
Model Aquifer Model Aquifer
Construct a model to show how water and pollutants filter through rock and soil.
(Time required: 90 minutes)
Water System Water System
Build a model of your town or school to see how water travels throughout the system.
(Time required: 90 minutes)
Archimedes Screw Pump Archimedes Screw Pump
Show how water can travel uphill using an Archimedes screw.
(Time required: 40 minutes)

How Nature Cleans Our Water: Learn about how plants and animals help us clean our water.

New Jersey’s Water: Explore New Jersey’s aquifers and the pressures on our water supply.

Water Works: Explore the roles that engineering and science play in clean drinking water.

The Pipe System: Read about the huge variety of pipes used to move water across the state.

The Force of Gravity: Build a working pump and observe the effect of gravity on water.

Water Conservation: Learn about New Jersey’s water supply and why water conservation is important.

Water and You: Discover what you can do to conserve water at school and at home.

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