Life doesn’t always go the way we plan. That’s why it’s a good idea to have backup plans, like savings for emergencies and insurance policies. This section introduces students to the basics of insurance and the concept of risk.

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Lessons & Worksheets

Pre-/Post-Unit Quiz

To launch the unit, print and distribute the unit quiz to assess students’ prior knowledge on risk. Students can also go to www.scholastic.com/nextgeneration/students to take the interactive version of the quiz and print their responses so that you can review the answers in class.
Risk Lesson 1
Introduce students to the concepts of risk and insurance and have them engage in their own probability experiment.

Student Activity: The 411 on Insurance—The Basics (PDF)
Risk Lesson 2
Students evaluate risk and ways to mitigate potential negative consequences.

Student Activity: What’s Risk Got to Do With It? (PDF)
Risk Lesson 1
Drawing on an example from history, students examine how risk pooling works and why insurance providers use this tool.

Student Activity: Risk Pooling in Ancient Rome (PDF)
Risk Lesson 4
Students are presented with character profiles and are to assess and compare the potential risks associated with the individuals.

Student Activity: What’s the Risk? (PDF)
The Educator’s Guide, which includes tips for implementing the featured lessons and background information on risk, can be downloaded by clicking below. The Video Guide includes prompts to generate class discussions and help you integrate the video associated with each module into your lessons.
Before beginning the lessons for this module, watch the video Talking About Risk with your students. Refer to the video guide for post-viewing discussion prompts.
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