In this module, students explore the purpose of life insurance and examine the differences between types of policies.

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Lessons & Worksheets

Pre-/Post-Unit Quiz

What do your students know about life insurance and how it works? Print and distribute the unit quiz, or have students go to to take the interactive version of the quiz and print their answers.
Life Lesson 1
This lesson includes two activities—one introduces students to terms and practices related to life insurance, while the other describes policy types and challenges students to evaluate the differences.

Student Activity: Life Insurance Glossary (PDF) Student Activity: Charting My Course (PDF)
Life Lesson 2
Students evaluate the financial standing and future obligations of a couple with two children and determine if their life insurance policy will enable them to meet their future financial needs and goals.

Student Activity: Better Safe (PDF)
Life Lesson 1
To help them understand the purpose of life insurance, students will brainstorm portraits of fictional characters and then examine their financial obligations to assess how these responsibilities would be met if the character passed away.

Student Activity: Who Needs Life Insurance? (PDF)
The Educator’s Guide, which includes tips for implementing the featured lessons and background information on life insurance, can be downloaded by clicking below. The Video Guide includes prompts to generate class discussions and help you integrate the video associated with each module into your lessons.
Before beginning the lessons for this module, watch the video Hattie: Life Goes On with your students. Refer to the video guide for post-viewing discussion prompts.
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