In this module, students will learn some basics about health insurance to raise their awareness on the topic and help them make informed decisions in the future when choosing and using health insurance.

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Lessons & Worksheets

Pre-/Post-Unit Quiz

Your students may be familiar with health insurance from
personal experience. This quiz will help you assess their understanding of how health insurance works. To launch the unit, print and distribute the unit quiz to assess students’ prior knowledge on the topic. Students can also go to to take the interactive version of the quiz and print their answers to discuss with the class.
Life Lesson 1
In this lesson, students are introduced to health insurance terms and types of plans, and then compare and contrast the coverage and costs of health care for two sisters with different health care plans.

Student Activity: Health Insurance Glossary (PDF) Student Activity: Two Sisters, Two Plans (PDF)
Life Lesson 2
Students evaluate the costs of various medical treatments and procedures to better grasp the financial aspect of health care.

Student Activity: The Price Is Right—What It Costs to Get
   Well (PDF)
The Educator's Guide, which includes tips for implementing the featured lessons and background information on health insurance, can be downloaded below. The Video Guide includes prompts to generate class discussions and help you integrate the video associated with each module into your lessons.
Before beginning the lessons for this module, watch the video Hattie: Overcoming Obstacles with your students. Refer to the video guide for post-viewing discussion prompts.
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