Financial Planning
In this module, students will learn basics of financial planning, including financial terms, strategies, and tools. They will also assess the application of these strategies in helping people manage their financial goals.

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Lessons & Worksheets

Pre-/Post-Unit Quiz

To launch the unit, print and distribute the unit quiz to assess students’ prior knowledge on financial planning. Students can
also go to
to take the interactive version of the quiz and print their
answers to launch a class discussion.
Financial Planning Lesson 1
Students explore financial-planning terms, compare and contrast investment and money-management strategies of different characters, and examine how compounding interest works.

Student Activity: Financial Planning Glossary (PDF) Student Activity: One Two Punch (PDF) Student Activity: You've Got the Power—of Compounding
Student Activity: At the Speed of Life: A Personal
   Protection Planner (PDF)
Financial Planning Lesson 2
In this lesson, students are introduced to the financial pyramid—a financial strategy designed to protect income and assets while accumulating wealth.

Student Activity: The Financial Pyramid (PDF)
The Educator’s Guide, which includes tips for implementing the featured lessons and background information on financial planning, can be downloaded by clicking below. The Video Guide includes prompts to generate class discussions and help you integrate the video associated with each module into your lessons.
Before beginning the lessons for this module, watch the video Talking About Money with your students. Refer to the video guide for post-viewing discussion prompts.
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