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Separating Fact
From Fiction

Can your students detect the truth in today’s digital age?

Use these news literacy classroom resources to help students become smart, active consumers of news and information.

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Lessons and Activities for Grades 6–12

History/Social StudiesELACivics/GovernmentMedia Literacy

The Checkology virtual classroom offers:

  • Fun, engaging lessons and activities with timely real-world examples of news and other information
  • Interactive, personalized and self-paced instruction
  • An easy-to-use platform for both students and teachers
  • Teacher evaluation, feedback and messaging
  • Rewards and badges to motivate students
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What educators are saying

“My students were engaged, but not overwhelmed, with information. All [reading levels] of my students could understand the information.” – Nancy Henderson,
South Junior High School, Boise, ID

“The virtual classroom is the most effective classroom resource I’m aware of to make certain that our students are media-savvy for the challenges that await them in the 21st century.” – Eric Nadelstern, former chief schools officer, New York City Department of Education; professor, Columbia University Teachers College

“I really like how relevant and current the examples are as well as the constantly changing/ engaging formats you have. I’d like to share this with teachers.” – Maria Tarasuk, social studies supervisor, Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools

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