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With Tax Basics for Middle Schoolers, give your students the foundation they need to break down core income tax concepts and to understand our tax system. Complement your existing curriculum with Math and Money, a financial literacy program to help your students better comprehend the financial landscape.

About is a modern, powerful, easy and secure Web–based solution for online financial management. It goes way beyond reporting and budget tracking, and it makes achieving your financial goals faster and easier. Plus, is FREE.
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About the Intuit Foundation

The Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation directs programs that help to empower disadvantaged, lower-income individuals, small businesses, and the non-profit organizations that serve them. Through the creation of easy to understand, tax-focused curriculum and by donating Intuit's tax preparation, financial management and accounting software and online services, the Foundation promotes financial literacy and independence, helping people and organizations master their finances and bridge the digital divide.
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