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Irrepressible twins,Maya & Miguel Santos, their loving family and their bilingual pet parrot Paco, have burst onto the scene with their vibrantly new, uproariously funny world. Always unpredictable and ever dauntless, Maya & Miguel’s daily escapades will keep kids laughing from the bottom of their hearts. The twin’s adventures will be chronicled throughout 65 half-hour episodes now airing on PBS Kids GO! (check local listings). Maya
Miguel Lively and colorful, the series chronicles the adventures, and sometimes misadventures, of 10 year-old siblings Maya & Miguel Santos and features their family, relatives and a richly diverse neighborhood of friends. This never-a-dull moment situation comedy revolves around Maya’s well-intended meddling in her family and friend’s lives, ultimately leading her to create new quandaries to fix. While every episode will take humorous twists and turns, the underlying message is the importance of doing good for the family and community, and the philosophy that shared happiness is greater than personal gain. Maya

#148  THE WEDDING.  Rosa’s cousin, Angelina, has just gotten engaged!  As she shares her fantasy for the perfect wedding with the Santos family over dinner, the grim-faced groom arrives with some news: he has received a promotion that will take him out of the country.  Angelina is disappointed; she had wanted a wedding with her family, in town.  Maya proclaims that they can host the wedding at their house, and have everything ready in just two days!  Though stunned by this, Rosa and Santiago agree to help, and the countdown begins.  Abuela is baking Mexican wedding cookies for the reception, Santiago is playing guitar and singing, Rosa is sewing the dress, Miguel is giving the toast, and Maya has been given a great honor: to hold the 13 gold coins for the ceremony known as Las Arras.  As always seems to happen at weddings, many things start to go wrong.  Paco has eaten all the cookies for the reception, Santiago has lost his voice, and the wedding dress is mangled in a faulty sewing machine.  The Santos family is devastated… But Maya won’t let them lose heart and is determined to help them fix everything before the wedding.  It seems everything is going according to plan again, until Maya realizes she has lost the gold coins for Las Arras!  Certain they were lost in the dough for the cookies, Maya and Miguel hop into action.  They break open or eat many of the baked cookies... to no avail.  At the ceremony, Maya tries to tell Angelina that she doesn't have the 13th coin... until Paco arrives, clutching the lost coin, and hands it off to Maya!  Angelina and Pedro are thrilled by their meaningful wedding, all thanks to Maya and family.

#149  PUPPY LOVE.  A fat little dog follows Miguel home one day, and he doesn’t have the heart to leave it alone in the street at nightfall.  So he brings it inside.  Before he can tell Abuela (Rosa and Santiago are away), he opens his closet door to discover that the fat little dog has had puppies!  Now Maya and Miguel have thirteen dogs to look after – and a lot of explaining to do when their parents come home.

#151  THE BIG FIGHT.  When Theo and Miguel have a big fight about a remote-controlled race-car derby, Maya takes it upon herself to set things right between the two estranged friends.  But whatever she does only seems to make things worse.

#154  PAPI JOINS THE BAND.  Miguel, Theo, and Andy decide to enter a talent contest at the Community Center by putting together a band.  When Santiago hears the news, he tells the boys that he used to have his own band, and he offers his services.  The problem is that Santiago soon goes from offering gentle advice to becoming a fourth member of the band, and Miguel has to find a way to tell his father to let the boys do it their own way.

#155  CRUSHED.  Miguel gets a crush on a new substitute teacher, Miss Cisneros, and studies like crazy in her class.  At the same time, Tito has to read a poem over the school PA system.  As (bad) luck would have it, Tito gets inspiration for the poem by watching the enamored Miguel, and when he reads his poem, he exposes Miguel’s crush to the whole school.  Miguel is mortified, but with some kind words from his teacher realizes that he did manage to get the highest score in the class on a test – and also finds a friend his own age.

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