You probably know that one of my favorite hobbies is sewing. It's a fun activity to do on a quiet day or with a bunch of good friends. The next time you grab a needle and thread, follow these tips to make it the best sewing experience ever!

1.) When you're choosing a needle to use for your project, make sure you pick one that's small enough to easily slide into the fabric you're using but large enough so that it doesn't break. If you're using a thicker thread, make sure the needle's eye is big enough to get the thread through.

2.) The easiest way to thread a needle is to hold the needle up to a white surface so you can see through the eye. You can wet the end of the thread and pass it through the eye. Or, you can dip the thread in a bottle of bright nail polish. After the polish dries, the end of the thread will be stiff and really easy to see!

3.) Sometimes when you're hand sewing, the thread gets twisted. An easy way to stop this from happening is to take the thread you're going to use and wind it onto a sewing machine bobbin before threading it through your needle. Then, when you sew, your thread won't get twisted!

4.) It can be pretty hard to estimate just how much thread you're going to need for a certain pattern or project. If you have a lot of extra thread, rather than cut it off and throw it away, thread it through a large-eyed needle on your pincushion. Then, if you ever need to quickly fix a rip or sew on a button, you have thread all ready to go.

5.) To keep your extra unused embroidery or cross-stitching thread organized, cut squares from a used plastic milk or juice jug. Then, just cut little notches on the sides of the squares and wrap your craft thread around. You're saving thread and recycling at the same time!

Sewing can be lots of fun, but remember to do it with adult supervision. Needles and scissors are sharp and can poke you even if you think you've got everything under control. Also, use a thimble to protect your finger or thumb from the needle. It's important to be careful in order to have a good time!