Gift Wrapping Tips

Everyone loves getting presents. Opening them can be fun too—especially when they’re wrapped with care! Here are some gift-wrapping tips that will help make your presents extra-special.
You will need:
Safety Scissors
Wrapping paper
Tissue paper

  1. Start with a clean flat surface. A kitchen or dining room table is perfect, and the living room floor will work too. (Note: Pets love to help out, but letting them participate can be challenging! Cats especially like stealing ribbon and climbing into boxes. You should see King Comma and the tangle he makes of things!)
  2. Find a box for the gift item. Line the box with colorful tissue paper, then add the item, and tape the box shut.
  3. Choose a sheet of wrapping paper. You can use traditional paper that comes in a roll, or if you want to be a little more creative, try comics, maps, craft paper, or newspaper. (Sometimes we use fabric left over from Needle & Thread.) To determine how much paper you’ll need for your gift, take a piece of string and wrap it around the item. Then, cut the paper to match the length of the string, while adding a couple of extra inches just in case.
  4. After you’ve cut the paper to size, wrap it around the gift and tape it in place. Now check to see how much extra paper is left on the ends of the gift. Neatness counts. If there’s too much paper on the ends, you’ll need to trim it a bit until the paper folds a little more than halfway down each side.
  5. To finish wrapping the ends, tuck them in on the right and left sides of each end. Be sure to make nice, crisp creases. Then fold the bottom flap up and the top flap down—like an envelope. Add tape to keep it in place.
  6. When the wrapping is done, it’s time for the finishing touches. Here’s where you can really have fun dressing up your present. To keep it simple, just add colorful ribbon. If you want to add a little something extra, in place of ribbon, you can use pipe cleaners, jump ropes, or even a real flower! Tie pinecones, holly, or even ornaments to Christmas presents. For birthdays and gifts for other occasions, tie on seashells or small toys.
Most importantly, HAVE FUN!