When I have time to myself, I like to do art projects. You don't need to have expensive art supplies to do projects. You can make art from anything you might have around your house.

1.) If you have old magazines, cut out your favorite pictures and make a collage. Take the pictures you've cut out and glue them to a piece of paper until it’s all filled up. You can make collages out of pictures of the same color, or you can make a collage based on a theme, like "Birds" or "Halloween.”

2.) To make your own picture frame, you only need four Popsicle sticks and some glue. You can color or paint each stick a different color before you glue them together at the corners to make a square frame. Then, after you do that, you can decorate the whole thing even more with things like buttons or glitter or paint. Picture frames make great gifts for your friends.

3.) Plastic or paper cups make great pots for flowers if you would like to grow your own garden at home. Before you fill the cup with the dirt for the seeds, decorate it. You could glue pictures of flowers or old pieces of fabric to the cup. Or write the name of the kind of flower you are planting on the cup and decorate around that.

4.) Instead of recycling an empty jar, here's an easy way to make a holder for your trinkets. Find an empty jar, some colored yarn and some glue. Put the glue in a bowl and then dip pieces of yarn in the glue. Then wrap yarn around the jar and wait for the yarn to dry. You can use yarn in one color or all different colors. This project can be a little messy, so cover your work area with newspaper and wash your hands afterward.

All these projects are easy and fun to do on your own or with some friends. There are no rules for making art, so be as creative as you want. You can also have a craft party by inviting your friends over to make gifts or decorations for special occasions.