Hi! Olivia here. I'm sure you have to clean up your room sometimes or get chores done just like I do. Well, I'm going to share some really easy ideas I have for organizing. Just follow these ten tips, and you can have everything in order so you'll have more time to spend with your friends!

1.) I keep all my dolls and toys in plastic containers. Since my room doesn't have any closets because it's in one of the old Row Houses, I just store the containers under my bed. You can put the containers wherever is best for you—on a shelf, under your bed or even just against a wall. And if you don't have plastic containers, use old shoe boxes!

2.) Speaking of old shoe boxes, I like to decorate them and fill them with keepsakes like old postcards, letters, and birthday cards. This is a good way to keep lots of smaller papers and objects in one place.

3.) All my containers and shoe boxes are labeled so I know exactly what's in each one. It’s easy to create your own labels and best of all, this is a fun project to do with your friends!  To make your own labels, just get some construction paper to write on, cut the labels out, decorate them, and tape them to the container. Some of the things my labels say are "Toys," "Doll Clothes," and "Old Schoolwork."

4.) Sometimes clothes can make the biggest mess of all. I got my dad to hang a laundry bag on the back of my door, so every time I'm finished wearing something, I just put it in the bag. The bag doesn't clutter up my room, and it comes right off the hook when it's laundry time.

5.) If you have any clothes you've grown out of, don't let them take up your valuable space! Ask an adult to help you donate those clothes to charity. Not only are you organizing, but, even better, you're helping out your community!

6.) If you have any loose change laying around, just put it in a bowl or jar. The best part is, when the jar is full, you have some extra spending money! I usually spend mine at Needle and Thread or Stuff ‘n’ Nonsense.

7.) Craft supplies like beads and tiles can be kept organized in your mom's old makeup case or jewelry box. All the little compartments are great for keeping small stuff in separate areas. If your dad likes to fish, ask him if you can have a tackle box he's done with. These work great, too. Just make sure you clean it first!

8.) I have lots of important photos of my family and friends. To keep photos in good condition, put them in a photo album, and decorate it with fun stickers. Or, you can get a scrapbook and paste the photos in along with all sorts of other stuff, like colorful clippings from magazines, or your own artwork.

9.) It's important to organize responsibilities, too!  After-school activities and homework can keep you really busy, so just keep a little calendar in your backpack. Write anything in it that you need to remember.  You can even use your calendar to keep track of birthdays and other special occasions.

10.) Also, I keep a big calendar in my room so I can keep my chores organized. I always know when I have to help mom and dad out.

If you try out these easy organizational tips, you'll not only have more time to spend with friends and family, but you'll also feel great about being so responsible!