Wahoo! The world's most famous yellow school bus, The Traveling Magic School Bus, is available for your next community, school, library, or retail event. Simply email us with your contact information, the name, date, and location of your event, and we will get back to you with pricing and details!

Come on Bus, Do Your Stuff!

The Traveling Magic School Bus is designed inside and out with fun and colorful artwork. Ms. Frizzle, Liz, and the rest of the gang appear throughout the Bus to give kids fun facts about the exhibits they are seeing!

The Bus is loaded with engaging, hands-on exhibits including:

  • Interactive CD-ROMs
  • An off-line version of The Magic School Bus website
  • The Magic School Bus-themed Leapfrog LeapPad™ activities
  • An interactive game that lets kids get an inside look at the human body.
  • Highly visual, detailed exhibits about kids' favorite topics such as ocean life,
    the weather, the solar system, rocks, volcanoes, insects and the human body.

While The Traveling Magic School Bus is a definite must-see experience for students interested in science (or students who never realized they could be interested in science before meeting Ms. Frizzle!), it is equipped for stationary events only. To be clear, the bus cannot be used as a shuttle to transport passengers.

Give Your Event Some Frizzle Sizzle

We'll provide a Ms. Frizzle costume and wig – you provide a willing volunteer to play Ms. Frizzle for the day. We recommend that Ms. Frizzle meet and greet children as they exit the bus, keeping the flow of kids moving through the bus.

Your organization may be eligible for a discount on The Magic School Bus books, to be used as giveaways at your event. Email us for details! The Magic School Bus bookmarks are also available for purchase.

Field Trip Everyone!

To host a Traveling Magic School Bus event, you will need:

  • To plan ahead - we require at least sixty days advance notice for events
  • Four to five volunteers to help with crowd control, distributing materials, etc.
  • A parking space for the Bus, which, with the back exit stairs extended, is 40 feet long and 12 feet high.
  • A parking permit may be required from your town.
  • The Bus is wheelchair accessible.

For maximum benefit we recommend that you have no more than 25 kids on the bus at a time. We have found that it typically takes a group of 20-25 children approximately 10 minutes to tour the bus. You may not need to allow as much time for students above the 3rd grade, as most of the exhibits are geared to younger children.

Because of the delicate nature of the interactive equipment on the Bus, no food or drinks are allowed on board.


A rental fee will be charged for the Traveling Magic School Bus appearance. The cost is dependent on the location and number of days requested. Rental charges are based entirely on round trip mileage from the western Connecticut location where the Bus is garaged.

Because our fees are necessary to cover the basic storage and maintenance needs of the Bus, we are unfortunately not able to offer the Bus at a reduced cost for fund-raisers or other charitable events. We suggest that those unable to cover the cost of an event work with other organizations in their area to raise funds or sponsor joint events.

If you are interested in hosting a traveling Magic School Bus event, please email us with your contact information, the name, date, and location of your event, and we will get back to you with pricing and details.


Take a Peek inside the Bus


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