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What age group is The Magic School Bus Web site appropriate for?
The target group for The Magic School Bus Web site, books, products and television show includes boys and girls, ages 3-10. But EVERYTHING is appropriate for the kid in all of us!

How do I know this Web site is "safe" and COPPA compliant?
Please read our Online Privacy Policy Statement.


What is the name of Ms. Frizzle's school?
Walkerville Elementary.

What are some of Ms. Frizzle's famous sayings?
"Take chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy!"
"Go on a field trip!"
"Never say never!"
"Come on bus, do your stuff!"
"Let’s take a closer look."
"As I always say...To find a frog, be a frog."
"If you keep an open mind, you never know who might walk in!"
"Let’s get out there and explore!"

How does The Magic School Bus fly?
Usually The Magic School Bus is an ordinary, rather beat-up school bus. But once it "transforms" on a field trip, it can change into anything that will serve Ms. Frizzle's purposes. The Bus has become a spaceship, a submarine, a blimp, something small, green and surprisingly frog-like, a weather machine, and more. When you're on the Bus with the Friz, you never know what's going to happen next!

What type of animal is Liz and where does she live?
Liz is a lizard. A lizard unlike any other, to say the least! In the wild, lizards live in all types of different environments including deserts, rainforests, and mountains. Liz spends most of her time in the classroom helping Ms. Frizzle with her unpredictable bus adventures!


How can I get an activity guide to incorporate into my class curriculum?
The Magic School Bus site is full of fun classroom activities! Visit our Teachers & Parents page for lesson plans and experiment ideas. You can also search by Theme to find the exact books, episodes and more that match the topic you’re looking for.


Where can I find a complete listing of all The Magic School Bus television shows?
Check out all 52 episodes of The Magic School Bus on our TV & DVD page to find episode descriptions and even watch clips of some of your favorite shows.

Can you send me a copy of a DVD?
We do not send out copies of any DVDs. You can find them in stores wherever videos are sold or online. Visit the TV & DVD page to see check what videos are available and where you can purchase them.

Who wrote the The Magic School Bus theme song and lyrics?
The Magic School Bus theme song was written by Peter Lurye and performed by Little Richard. Click here to read the lyrics.


How can I order The Magic School Bus books?
Visit our Books page to find out information about The Magic School Bus current titles and where you can purchase them.


Will The Traveling "Magic School Bus" visit my town?
That's up to you! The world's most famous yellow bus, The Traveling Magic School Bus, is now available for personal requests. You can request the bus to appear at your community/school/library or retail event. Visit the The Traveling Magic School Bus area for more information.




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